Multi-user in boat design


Fake team
Juha Ruistola
Matti Pouhakka
XR Development team

Multi-user VR/AR
virtual reality

Multi-user VR solution enabled agile design review meetings.

We worked with a boat manufacturer that has operations in many countries and cities.

The designs for new boat models need to be reviewed by various specialists. Traditionally design review meetings require building physical product mockups. Expensive logistics or lots of travelling is required before all the right people from different cities have reviewed the mockup.

If the boat design needs to be changed all the mockup production and travelling have to be repeated.

With our Multi-user VR/AR solution clients and their partners could have efficient meetings inside the real scale 3D model. Various meetings were organised with different participants and the 3D model was improved several times during the project.

Lots of money and time was saved. Our clients felt that the meetings and the communication between people in meetings felt good and human. That encouraged us to continue the development of our Multi-user software.

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