Fake offers large scale of services. We are known for highly rated visuals, special expertise and experience.



VISUAL ASSET STRATEGY - more and better images, videos and VR/AR with less money

3D Visual Asset Strategy will help you get more and better images and videos and more VR and AR with fever projects, smaller budgets and without hassle. Read more about 3D Visual Asset Strategy.

ANIMATION - CG Imagery, 3D and 2D Animation, Interactive Animation

Fake creates emotive 3D or 2D animations, photo-realistic or stylized, characters or lifelike creatures. We bring ideas into life through storytelling, timing and movement.

- 3D Product Visualization, Advanced 3D Modeling

Fake opens a world of unlimited visual possibilities. Whether it’s 3D product visualization, fantasy landscape or realistic texture.


Smoke, fire or sky replacements in existing footage, even fully fictional photorealistic fantasy scenes.

- Video Editing, Motion Graphics, Color Grading

Our extensive range of post production services includes video editing, color grading & motion graphics.


EVENT VR - Immersive VR content and required hardware for pop-up VR locations

We know how to create immersive effective VR content and maximise the user amount for VR in fairs, trade shows and other events.

VR/AR FOR TRAINING AND EDUCATION - Immersive training for better learning results

We can utilise both live teachers with multi-user solutions and interactive simulations. This combination enables agile development of your next level trainings.

VR/AR FOR MARKETING AND SALES - Immersive content that your potential clients will remember forever

Your VR/AR application can have live sales professionals talking with the users and interactive content describing your company, services and products. All with an amazing audiovisual quality.

CUSTOM VR/AR MULTI-USER AND COLLABORATION APPLICATIONS - Amazing places and spaces for your own meeting

FAKE is an official Glue Custom Experience Lab. We can create custom Glue multi-user VR/AR apps with high audiovisual quality. Like all Glue applications these can be naturally accessed also without VR/AR with traditional desktop or mobile.

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Fake is part of the VR/AR Association and an official Glue Custom Experience Lab.