Multi-user applications enable next level professional meetings and collaboration for your teams, employees and partners. These new collaborative applications utilise the best of virtual technologies and the best in human communication. Multi-user applications can be used with any device - VR, AR, mobile or desktop.

Fake is an official Glue Custom Experience Lab and we use Glue as the base for all our multi-user applications. We do close co-operation with Glue development team and can guarantee best possible customised collaboration applications. Close co-operation with Glue enables us very fast and agile development projects.




Product and premise design
Multi-user solutions are designed from ground up for the projects where you design large physical products and machines, vehicles or buildings, rooms and interiors. The design model turns into a true scale meeting room.
Learning and development
The very best specialists can guide, train and help others in an interactive true scale setup or simulator.
Decision making
Virtual situation rooms / war rooms can utilise amazing 3D data visualisations. Immersive 3D data makes decision making and information evaluation easier for all the meeting participants.
Workshops, brainstorming sessions and other advanced collaboration sessions are bad or impossible with traditional online meeting solutions (Skype, Google Hangouts,...). Multi-user solutions instead enable very successfully and creative online collaboration. And having simply amazing rooms and sceneries also helps in being creative and successful.
Your VR/AR project
Any VR/AR application is better when used together with others. We can successfully integrate multi-user features to your custom VR/AR application or we can design and produce your own special multi-user application.